Tuesday, August 16, 2011

welcome to HDD boy ! :)

hallo guys :) Let me introduce our new friend, he is fariz ! he will help us to managed HDD as marketing staff and also creator hihi I know dude you have an amazing imagination to create something. so welcome to Hey diddle diddle :) Let's work together :)

 say hello to him :) he and his first project !
his first project. is it nice ? yes it is :)
from now, you can text him or mention him if you wanna order something @farizsaputraa:) don't worry he is kind and polite hhehe and also don't forget to follow us @hey_diddle2 ( I just made this account hihi) follow us ! and we will make ur timeline colorfull ♥ 

happy crafting :)


  1. hi Mega,,
    Finally.. bisa meninggalkan comment jg disini ^^
    maaf y,inetnya baru sembuh soalnya ^^
    btw,,tasnya lucu,,bonek2nya jg lucuuuu..
    gud job !!

  2. uuuuuuuuuu makasih kaka sai :* kak aku udah sms loh masalah stand2 nya yang aku mau tawarin, masuk nggak sms ku ? :O