Monday, August 29, 2011

angry bird was here ! :@

grab grab it fast ! ready stock :) 

mega : 085747021069
ayyik : 085729031857

Sunday, August 28, 2011

3rb blog award :D

woooooow long time no updating my blog. it's about 2 weeks ago the last time I posted something here. I just wanna refresh my mind by vanished for a while from all my social networking. spent all my time with my lovely, family and friends. I know too much working will kill us, so I decided to took a sec. and a day ago, I have heard a good news from my senior craft blogger , Juny Maury Haluruk  , she gave me this blog award. so, I have accepted 3 blog awards on this month :) Thanks God :)
so, let's do the task !

1. What do you think about vintage? 
nice, elegant, and glamor.  vintage is old but never out of date. that is the miracle of vintage :)

2. Describe my blog on 3 words!
simple, nice and lovable xixixi perhaps :D 
3. Give this award to 10 amazing bloggers !
hmmm well I'm confused to choose the person to accept this blog award. I'm just a beginner and there are a lot of expert blogger out there who absolutely more amazing than me. it's make me confused to choose. so, this award goes to my beloved friends who leave their comment below ! grab it fast :)  

happy crafting everyone :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

welcome to HDD boy ! :)

hallo guys :) Let me introduce our new friend, he is fariz ! he will help us to managed HDD as marketing staff and also creator hihi I know dude you have an amazing imagination to create something. so welcome to Hey diddle diddle :) Let's work together :)

 say hello to him :) he and his first project !
his first project. is it nice ? yes it is :)
from now, you can text him or mention him if you wanna order something @farizsaputraa:) don't worry he is kind and polite hhehe and also don't forget to follow us @hey_diddle2 ( I just made this account hihi) follow us ! and we will make ur timeline colorfull ♥ 

happy crafting :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

feliz cumpleannos !

my doll has a new hair hihi I just got an idea to make her hair from felt. and this is for Logam , my new friend hihi he has an unique name. first I thought that logam just a nick name, then I knew that logam is his real name wooow :D and I'm glad to know that not only girl who ordering my craft, but also boy :) thanks boy ! 

 little girl and Afro in one frame :)
 pretty >.<

interested ?
order now !

mega : 085747021069
ayyik : 085729031857

happy crafting :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

fishy fishy bag !

interested ?
order now !

mega : 085747021069
ayyik : 085729031857

Happy Crafting :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2nd blogger award for this month ♥

this afternoon I have got my 2nd blogger award for this month >.< huaaaaaaaaa big thanks to my new friend, middy :3 thank for the award dear :) 

and this is the task ! let's do it :)
1. How long have you been blogging ?
about a year, but it is about my personal live. and just become a craft blogger  about  3 months lately. and I really enjoy it :) 

2. When did the first time you blogged ?
about crafting : Tuesday, March 29, 2011

 3. What is your purpose to making blog?
to share anything that I wanna write, like my personal life, my activity, and I just feel  comfortable to  share a lot in blog. Then I realized that there are a lot of advantages of using blog beside for spamming, yes for business  surely. get you personal branding  through blog ! :D    

 4. Who inspired you so that your blog becoming like now ?
many people around me, especially my senior craft blogger. adore them ! 

 5. Send this award to other four bloggers
and this award goes to : ideku handmade  c e m p r u t  desa boneka    b3craft  adore them so much guys :)

big thank to my new friend, middy stephanie who gave me this award :) let's visit her amazing blog here !

Monday, August 8, 2011

gingerbread man key-chain :)

gingerbread man key-chain :)
material : felt
IDR 5000

stocks 8
stocks 4

happy crafting  everyone :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

blog award !!!!!!! :D

hehhe lama nggak posting, maaf saya sedang terserang flu akut karena kelalaian saya makan ice cream saat perut kosong -_- dan kemarin mendapat kabar gembira kalau saya mendapat BLOG AWARD dari teman saya nana :* thank you :* awalnya bingung maksudnya, akhirnya saya ngerti dan harus segera melaksanakan tugasnya :D
jadi tugasnya disini adalah :

must tell 7 things about myself and share this award to 15 blogs 
seven things about me :)
1. I love handmade stuff
2. I love crafting
3. I love writing
4. I love acting
5. I love fairytale so much
6. I love kids
7. I love Mocca 

and well this award goes to :

13. tamimi
14. cocomomo 
15. toscaberries

selamat mengerjakan tasknya teman2 :))

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

canvas tote bag :)

 I have made tote bag ! hihi and this is for anggun, my new friend, my blog reader. nice to meet you girl :*
tote bag :)

material : canvas
IDR 40.000

thanks for ordering anggun, I hope you will like it :*

Monday, August 1, 2011

marmutella doll :)

 hallo this doll is ordered by Agusta, our new friend :) she want us to make a doll for her bestfriend marmutella :) thanks for ordering dear :*
 hiihi the doll is made by ayyik, hmmm I love the shoes . it's so cute >.<

material : cotton
IDR 30.000

Happy birthday marmutella and also happy crafting everyone :)