Sunday, July 31, 2011

7 dolls for ami :)

finally all of July projects can be finished :) I wanna take e rest for a while before August projects coming , but I though that tomorrow is the first day of August -_- 
 7 dolls is ordered by tiwi, emo, hanan, and illa. they are my best buddies ♥ I have worked so hard to finished this dolls my self because my partner in work, ayyik went to jakarta. but thank God I can finished them :) big thanks to tiwi and emo who helped me finished the dolls :)
 our HANDMADE label :)
doll :)

IDR @30.000

happy birthday amiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :) wish you all the best :D

Saturday, July 30, 2011

car necklace :)

hhihih I have finished some car necklace. here they are !
say hello to my beautiful model, zahra :) thanks for being my model dear, you are so cute and expressive :*
me and her ♥
car necklace
material : felt
IDR 7.500

stocks 8
stocks 4

grab it fast guys :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Owcil :*

my owl has a baby !!!!!!!!!! ♥ hihih and we called her Owcil. my friend, rosa, gave the name and we like it :) now  my owl couple don't ever feel lonely because they already have a baby . this is my secret project #2 hihih and now we have owl family : mama owl , papa owl, and owcil who live in his house. hug, kiss, and smooch for them :*

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

birthday birthday , I ♥ birthday doll :D

Hi guys, how are you ?? how about your holiday ?? I hope you can enjoy your holiday at all. actually I wanna spend a whole this week to hang out with my lovely, friends, and family but I don't think so . I have a lot of deadlines and must be finished before July is over. ciayo !!
 this doll, one of my projects , is ordered by my lovely dinia ( again and again ) hehe she is my best customer hihi thank for ordering dear :*
first I though that "emak" is dinia's mom but I'm wrong, emak is her friend 's nick name. oh my -__-
birthday doll :)

material : cotton
IDR 30.000 (include greeting plush)
*you can arrange your own words 

happy crafting :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

owl attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

owl attaaaaaaaaaaack !! we have made some owl pouches. ayyik have made pouches from felt, and I have made from canvas. I don't know why we made owl pouches in the same time hihihi we have same idea. we just think that owl is the most cutest bird to made a pouch :) here they are !! owl attack !!

owl pouch :)

material : felt
IDR 15.000
*you can order any shape , color, and size you want 

stock : 5
stock : 3

Grab it fast guys ! ready stock !

Friday, July 22, 2011

aya miniature doll :)

hallo guuuuuuuuys :) this doll is ordered by my old  friend, hunny. this is for her sister hehe, aya:) I still remember the last time I saw her sister when I was 3rd junior high school student. woow it's quite long timeee. I miss her curly hair hihihi btw, happy birthday ayaaa :)
 she is aya and she is wearing elementary school uniform
 look at behind :)
 greeting plush
miniature doll

material : cotton
IDR 30.000 (include greeting plush)

happy crafting :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

owl pouch :)

owl pouch :)

IDR Rp 15.000
stock 7
stock 5

grab it fast !! ready stock for 5 lucky person :)
happy crafting everyone :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

padzpookie ♥

padzpookie ♥ hihi this party has been held a week ago. that was not just a party, but the biggest party in the end of my high school period :") I am gonna miss my all high school pals, exactly :)
spooky is the theme of the party, so we have to wear spooky outfit like dracula, vampire, etc.
big thanks to my brother's friend who  lend me her outwear , Dracula. this cloth is still new, so I have to wear it carefully. she didn't wear this cloth yet, so I don't want to broke it because I know that I can't substitute this cloth with the same one. But finally, I could save this cloth :D
me me me :)
red witch , dracula, and devil
Dracula family hihihi
girls, they are all niceee
surprise from padz 67, thank you, we love you :
the guest star : SHAGGY DOG !!!!
boooooooooooys :)

that was amazing party. thank you padz 68 ♥ 

photos by : humas padmanaba, yayah, tiwi

Thursday, July 14, 2011

wish you all the best, muaaa :)

happy birthday muaaaaaa :) wish you all the best !
May be, I don't recognize who mua is, but let me say happy birthday to you :)
doll doll doll :) I love to make doll , and I have made muaa miniature doll shown above
greeting plush as always :D
this doll is ordered by tuti ( again ) hehe thank you deaaaar :) smooch and hug for you :*
miniature doll

materials : cotton
IDR 30.000 ( include greeting plush )

Happy crafting everyoneee :"""""")

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

play with dolls !

wooooooooooow I just visit my own blog after 3 days didn't posting anything and got surprised that my page views more than 10.000 :D Thanks for visiting my page guys, that's encourage me to make something better and better :) I hope I can keep on my own idea of crafting and increase my creativity. Hey Diddle Diddle ! 

hey diddle diddle have made this dolls :) are they nice ?
me and my dolls :)
but they are all have gone :( I have delivered all of them to my customers. but it's okee, I'm going to make another doll for ready stock. wish me luck :)

Happy crafting everyone