Sunday, August 28, 2011

3rb blog award :D

woooooow long time no updating my blog. it's about 2 weeks ago the last time I posted something here. I just wanna refresh my mind by vanished for a while from all my social networking. spent all my time with my lovely, family and friends. I know too much working will kill us, so I decided to took a sec. and a day ago, I have heard a good news from my senior craft blogger , Juny Maury Haluruk  , she gave me this blog award. so, I have accepted 3 blog awards on this month :) Thanks God :)
so, let's do the task !

1. What do you think about vintage? 
nice, elegant, and glamor.  vintage is old but never out of date. that is the miracle of vintage :)

2. Describe my blog on 3 words!
simple, nice and lovable xixixi perhaps :D 
3. Give this award to 10 amazing bloggers !
hmmm well I'm confused to choose the person to accept this blog award. I'm just a beginner and there are a lot of expert blogger out there who absolutely more amazing than me. it's make me confused to choose. so, this award goes to my beloved friends who leave their comment below ! grab it fast :)  

happy crafting everyone :)


  1. nice blog, penuh ceria dan warna-warni. keren. awardnya juga keren nie.
    Semangat berkreasi ya.......