Thursday, June 30, 2011

another russian doll :)

I don't know what I have made, but this is a kind of Russian doll exactly :)
One heart, One love. my customer asked me to make this greeting plush

Material : cotton
IDR Rp 30.000

This doll is belong to Tuti, my new friend :) thanks for ordering dear :D
Happy Crafting :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

squid doll

squid story

once upon a time, there were two squids.
they had traveled till they met each other
then they fell in love. they become a couple
finally, they got married. on the day of marriage
squid priest told them to hold hands
so they held each other hands
held the hands
held the hands
held the hands
held the hands
held the hands
held the hands
 held the hands  
(Crazy Little Thing Called Love )

this doll is ordered by zahra, my little costumer. haha she came to my house a week ago and asked me to make a squid doll for her.and today, I have finished the doll then gave to her. I'm glad that she loves the doll :")
I'm squid :)
I put some accessories to make it nice  
squid doll

materials : cotton
IDR 30.000

thanks for ordering my little customer :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

shaun key-chain :)

this shaun keychain is ordered by Realistyo Elang . hihi he is the first boy that ordered my craft :p but I'm glad to know that not only girls that accept my craft but also boys :) thank you dude !
this key-chain is customized  by ayyik, my partner in work. before she gave the shaun to me, she said that she failed to make the key chain. but after I saw the key chain, it's not bad at all. it's so nice and cute. can u make the same one for me ? :P

 it's so tiny but it's so nice and pretty cute  :)

materials : felt and dacron
IDR Rp 5000
nice job ayyik, let's rock Hey Diddle Diddle !
Happy Crafting everyone :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

pretty in red and blue ♥

today I met my old friend, kokom, to gave this doll. I met her when I was join youth camp a year ago and we become friend until now :3  long long time no see her so when we were meeting today we have talking to much. really miss you so my friend :3
this doll is ordered by kokom for her friend's birthday gift. she told me that her friend really loves blue and red so I made the doll just in blue and red :")
as always, greeting plush always be there :D
Happy birthday Fikri Intizhar
material : cotton and canvas
IDR Rp 30.000 ( include greeting plush )

thanks for ordering kokom, I hope you satisfied :D thank you dear ! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hey Diddle Diddle !

Hey diddle diddle, 
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped
over the moon;
The little dog laughed
to see such sport,
And the dish ran
away with the spoon. 

lemme introduce my craft shop :") Hey Diddle Diddle ! finally me and ayyik got the suitable name for our craft shop. we got the inspiration of the name from nursery rhyme hihihi there isn't any special cause why we choosed this name. we though that hey diddle diddle is pretty cute and easy speaking :D 

all of my crafts are now available at my craft shop : Hey Diddle Diddle   let's visit and order :)

Happy Crafting everyone :"D 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ahsan's elephant plush :D

I just got some photos from my best friends two days ago. here they are :D gestin and kania with ahsan's elephant plust made by ayyik for hey diddle diddle :D I have made the same one a month ago and then my friend, ahsan, asked me to make the same one  for her. look, how cute the elephant is :3 
 don't kiss the plush gestin >.<
 say hallo to kania guuys :D
gestin and kania with ahsan's. so cute ! not only the plush, but also the girls :D
I should be thankful to both you guys, thanks for give me ur photos with ahsan's because I didn't take any picture before I gave the the plush to ahsan. thanks heaps :D

elephant plush

material : cotton
IDR Rp 30.000

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bubu Doll : A man who brings camera :P

bubu and friends :)
after packing. taraaa !! is it nice ? 
Bubu Doll

materials : cotton
IDR 30.000 ( include camera )

Happy crafting everyone :D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

thank you nevi :3

hay guys, please say hallo to my lovely friend, Nevi Ayu Envirani :3 may be almost of you didn't know who nevi is. oke, lemme introduce herself :) she is my high school pal, and I wanna say thank to her because she was designed my craft shop labels, my blog header ! finally I have changed my blog header. what do you think ? is that nice ?? 

 here she is, my lovely friend, nevi :* 

my craft shop labels designed by her 

once again, thank you very much nevi , LOVE U FULL :*

Sunday, June 12, 2011

two is better than one :*

now, I won't posting about my craft order or something else about craft. hmm ya, you are surely know if we  always do something same for quite long time we must be bored. include me, so I just wanna refresh my mind by posting something else. and this time how if we are talking about love ? because love is never out of date :3
Two is better than one :) yes, always . you need two foots to walk, you need to hands to applause, you need two chopsticks to eat, yes because two is always better than one :)
with you, I  enjoyed playing the cradle when we went to mountain two weeks ago. we laugh, we smile, we were talking to much about everything. yes, we did :)
with you, we went to place where we could saw many stars on the sky, then we used our finger draw the line connecting star . yes, we did :)
with u, I never trap in the hard rain alone. yes because we are in dry season,  so everyday is sunny day. but, perhaps we can try to use an umbrella then  walk slowly between the rain in the next season C:
should I shout that I love you to universe ? hmm that's not important I think. what I feel, what u feel,  only us who know, let's make it to be our secret. okeee ? thank you dude :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

friendship plush =3

As we go on
we remember
all the times we had together
and as our life changes
come whatever
...we will still be
yaaay, that is we called friend, close friend, best friend ! and I'm glad to helped my friend to make something for her bestfriend's birthday gift . shelley want me to make a miniature iyeng doll, and greeting plush " thanks for being my best friend and always beside me until now :)  " that's nice sentence :3 thanks for ordering shelley and happy birthday iyeng :)
        she is iyeng, may be she  isn't as cute as the real one, but my friend really loves this doll. thank you :3
friendship plush , made from cotton and canvas :)
here they are, a gift from best friend. from shelley for iyeng :) I wish you will be best friend forever guys :) and once again, happy birthday iyeeng :*

friendship plush

materials : cotton and canvas
IDR 35.000 ( 2 items )
*you can choose any shape you want 

Happy Crafting :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

shaun the sheep :)

hallo guuys :") finally I have finished this doll. shaun the sheep. have you ever seen shaun the sheep ? that is a kind of animation cartoon like bernard bear, mong, etc. that's so funny. and big thanks to egi, my beloved friend that ordered this doll :)
me and my shaun :)
shaun the sheep doll

material : cotton
IDR 30.000

Happy Crafting :")

Sunday, June 5, 2011

happy birthday gilang :D

Happy birthday gilang :D wish you all the best !
this doll is ordered by dilla, for gilang's birthday surely :) hahaha she is nice, nice girlfriend hehh. I hope you will never be apart guys, long last ya :)

Pairs Doll

material : cotton
IDR 55.000K

Happy Crafting and Happy Birthday :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

tight lipped :s

sometimes, I have a lot of things in my mind and I wanna say it, but I can't :( I don't know why, I'm just tight-lipped. I hate the  damn situation like this. I don't know how it happens, but I'm sure that all of you often trapped in the same situation like this. right ? haha but I have solution to solve this problem :3
when I'm tight-lipped, I can't say anything, even to say hallo :(
greeting plush

Material : cotton
IDR 20.000 (5 items)
*there are five languages :) you can choose your own language and arrange ur own words !

Don't ever underestimate some words ! we just need some words to change the world :) 

Happy Crafting C: