Friday, July 15, 2011

padzpookie ♥

padzpookie ♥ hihi this party has been held a week ago. that was not just a party, but the biggest party in the end of my high school period :") I am gonna miss my all high school pals, exactly :)
spooky is the theme of the party, so we have to wear spooky outfit like dracula, vampire, etc.
big thanks to my brother's friend who  lend me her outwear , Dracula. this cloth is still new, so I have to wear it carefully. she didn't wear this cloth yet, so I don't want to broke it because I know that I can't substitute this cloth with the same one. But finally, I could save this cloth :D
me me me :)
red witch , dracula, and devil
Dracula family hihihi
girls, they are all niceee
surprise from padz 67, thank you, we love you :
the guest star : SHAGGY DOG !!!!
boooooooooooys :)

that was amazing party. thank you padz 68 ♥ 

photos by : humas padmanaba, yayah, tiwi