Friday, July 22, 2011

aya miniature doll :)

hallo guuuuuuuuys :) this doll is ordered by my old  friend, hunny. this is for her sister hehe, aya:) I still remember the last time I saw her sister when I was 3rd junior high school student. woow it's quite long timeee. I miss her curly hair hihihi btw, happy birthday ayaaa :)
 she is aya and she is wearing elementary school uniform
 look at behind :)
 greeting plush
miniature doll

material : cotton
IDR 30.000 (include greeting plush)

happy crafting :)


  1. salam kenaaaal... ini bonekanya lucu banget.
    kaya anak sd mo sekolah :D

  2. hihihi iyaa ini emang pake seragam sd hehe salam kenal jugaa :)

  3. salam kenal :D

    kalo mau order boneka nya gimana caranya :D