Tuesday, July 26, 2011

birthday birthday , I ♥ birthday doll :D

Hi guys, how are you ?? how about your holiday ?? I hope you can enjoy your holiday at all. actually I wanna spend a whole this week to hang out with my lovely, friends, and family but I don't think so . I have a lot of deadlines and must be finished before July is over. ciayo !!
 this doll, one of my projects , is ordered by my lovely dinia ( again and again ) hehe she is my best customer hihi thank for ordering dear :*
first I though that "emak" is dinia's mom but I'm wrong, emak is her friend 's nick name. oh my -__-
birthday doll :)

material : cotton
IDR 30.000 (include greeting plush)
*you can arrange your own words 

happy crafting :)

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