Sunday, July 31, 2011

7 dolls for ami :)

finally all of July projects can be finished :) I wanna take e rest for a while before August projects coming , but I though that tomorrow is the first day of August -_- 
 7 dolls is ordered by tiwi, emo, hanan, and illa. they are my best buddies ♥ I have worked so hard to finished this dolls my self because my partner in work, ayyik went to jakarta. but thank God I can finished them :) big thanks to tiwi and emo who helped me finished the dolls :)
 our HANDMADE label :)
doll :)

IDR @30.000

happy birthday amiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :) wish you all the best :D


  1. aaah,,, cute >.<
    seneng deh liat boneka2 cantik kayak gini,,,
    salam kenal.. saya linda :)

  2. hihihh iya kaaak, ytapi udah pada pergi ke pemesan huhu saatnya buat lagi yang banyak :D salam kenal ya kak :)

  3. wow.....lucu dan cantik skali boneka2xnya mba Mega. I like it ^_^

  4. heheheh thank you mbaaaaaaak :) salam kenal ya :D