Sunday, June 12, 2011

two is better than one :*

now, I won't posting about my craft order or something else about craft. hmm ya, you are surely know if we  always do something same for quite long time we must be bored. include me, so I just wanna refresh my mind by posting something else. and this time how if we are talking about love ? because love is never out of date :3
Two is better than one :) yes, always . you need two foots to walk, you need to hands to applause, you need two chopsticks to eat, yes because two is always better than one :)
with you, I  enjoyed playing the cradle when we went to mountain two weeks ago. we laugh, we smile, we were talking to much about everything. yes, we did :)
with you, we went to place where we could saw many stars on the sky, then we used our finger draw the line connecting star . yes, we did :)
with u, I never trap in the hard rain alone. yes because we are in dry season,  so everyday is sunny day. but, perhaps we can try to use an umbrella then  walk slowly between the rain in the next season C:
should I shout that I love you to universe ? hmm that's not important I think. what I feel, what u feel,  only us who know, let's make it to be our secret. okeee ? thank you dude :)

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