Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ahsan's elephant plush :D

I just got some photos from my best friends two days ago. here they are :D gestin and kania with ahsan's elephant plust made by ayyik for hey diddle diddle :D I have made the same one a month ago and then my friend, ahsan, asked me to make the same one  for her. look, how cute the elephant is :3 
 don't kiss the plush gestin >.<
 say hallo to kania guuys :D
gestin and kania with ahsan's. so cute ! not only the plush, but also the girls :D
I should be thankful to both you guys, thanks for give me ur photos with ahsan's because I didn't take any picture before I gave the the plush to ahsan. thanks heaps :D

elephant plush

material : cotton
IDR Rp 30.000

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