Sunday, June 26, 2011

shaun key-chain :)

this shaun keychain is ordered by Realistyo Elang . hihi he is the first boy that ordered my craft :p but I'm glad to know that not only girls that accept my craft but also boys :) thank you dude !
this key-chain is customized  by ayyik, my partner in work. before she gave the shaun to me, she said that she failed to make the key chain. but after I saw the key chain, it's not bad at all. it's so nice and cute. can u make the same one for me ? :P

 it's so tiny but it's so nice and pretty cute  :)

materials : felt and dacron
IDR Rp 5000
nice job ayyik, let's rock Hey Diddle Diddle !
Happy Crafting everyone :)

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