Saturday, June 11, 2011

friendship plush =3

As we go on
we remember
all the times we had together
and as our life changes
come whatever
...we will still be
yaaay, that is we called friend, close friend, best friend ! and I'm glad to helped my friend to make something for her bestfriend's birthday gift . shelley want me to make a miniature iyeng doll, and greeting plush " thanks for being my best friend and always beside me until now :)  " that's nice sentence :3 thanks for ordering shelley and happy birthday iyeng :)
        she is iyeng, may be she  isn't as cute as the real one, but my friend really loves this doll. thank you :3
friendship plush , made from cotton and canvas :)
here they are, a gift from best friend. from shelley for iyeng :) I wish you will be best friend forever guys :) and once again, happy birthday iyeeng :*

friendship plush

materials : cotton and canvas
IDR 35.000 ( 2 items )
*you can choose any shape you want 

Happy Crafting :)

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