Saturday, February 19, 2011

girls decide :)

I just heard from my best movie director, Eliot, that he  and his team work in invinite vision  have finished the movie's editing. I'm glad to hear that. finally, the biggest project from IPPF in the end of 2010 could be finished well although I didn't watch the result yet. I think that was a great movie, they have prepared it for long time, moved from one country to another around the world, just to observe about youth people's life, their behavior , their social problem like pregnancy without marrying, human trafficking, etc. 
actually, they just took six region from a whole word to make the movie. banglaesh, argentina, jogjakarta, and... i forgot the other xx. yogyakarta was the last city that they have choosed. this city represented Indonesia, region Asia Pacific. they said that jogjakarta is the best place to make movie, because the city has strong culture and characteristics :)
Two days ago, they told me that the movie was launched at the London Town. and  they will upload the movie to the IPPF website as soon as possible. i wish, the movie could help youth people in a whole world to solve their problem, could decrease intensity of unwanted pregnancy, and also could bring a better feature for youth people ,  especially girl that have had a wrong experience in past. 
girls decide Indonesia

girls decide Argentina

girls decide Bangladesh

"Di seluruh dunia remaja perempuan memiliki masalah yang sama"
"Setiap remaja berhak mengakses layanan dan informasi untuk membuat keputusan yang bertanggungjawab, serta dukungan untuk dapat mewujudkannya"

Perempuan pun memilih 

Girls Decide 

p.s. I know, I'm not good in English but I keep posting in English. i wish you would understand what i mean :)

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