Friday, May 6, 2011

singing doll percy-mercy

let me introduce this doll :) they are singing doll named percy mercy :D this doll is ordered by my best buddy , dinia. she want me to make a pair doll. I don't have any idea to make a pair, but finally i did. I decided to make this singing doll. 

thanks for ordering dinia, I hope you'll like this doll :)

material : cotton
55.000 K (include accessories such as guitar ) for pairs
30.000 K / item 

*bring ur own design, and I will make it true


  1. Keren, lucu dan menarik, produk kamu tidak pasaran dan tidak out of date, maju terus moga sukses......!! Bravo....

  2. thanks :) iya hehe soalnya ini 100% handmade dan costumer milih sendiri bentuk yang disuka jadi nggak pasaran :) thanks a lot :)