Sunday, May 8, 2011

have you ever seen ramayana ballet ?

If I were Sinta, I would feel very happy to have Rama hihi. yeaah, they are the best couple that I have ever known . even though they are only live in folklore but they became so real last night. that was amazing, an interesting performance of ramayana ballet :)
I have ever watched the same show last year, but the difference is last night I watched them in open air show. with no setting, but the play of lighting could make all of us amazed. adore them so mucho !
these are some photos that have taken last night :)
anoman burned the rahwana's kingdom 
took picture while breaking time 
took some pictures with them 
have you ever seen this show ? If haven't, you have to watch them soon ! worth watching :)

keep crafting everyone !

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