Friday, November 11, 2011

I ♥ bag


for now, we have made some simple bags with many colors available. You must be know that we are in the beginning of wet season so we decided to make bag which could save our stuff from water. and we have found the suitable material to make the bag, yes parasite ! and look how beautiful they are :p and the most important about this bag, you can order any color you want ♥ 

and the last is... 
thanks God it's Friday ! enjoy your day ppl, cheer up!


  1. Hello diddle.....
    i your follower too...
    thanks to follow my blog:)
    lets making craft together ^^
    hope u can link my blog.. thanks Mega!

  2. hi diddie...
    i have followed your blog.
    Thx for your visiting....
    happy crafting

  3. @nanachan : you're welcome dear ! that's great idea, may be some day we can make collaboration to make something :)
    @Nuhy : thank you :) I really enjoy blog walking through ur blog, nice blog :)