Monday, October 24, 2011

canvas still exist :)

canvas still exist !! I love this fabric so much :) it is so simple and nice, and the most important it never out of date so we can use it anytime and can mix and match easily with other outwear !:)

Plain bag : IDR 40K

and those are our newest bag design, and absolutely, still with my partner, Arifino . made from canvas touched by artistic panting hehe or you can order the plain bag one so you can explore your creativity by draw them !


  1. wah lucuu .... aku juga buat tote bag yg berbentuk moustache dan piano, dgn konsep yg berbeda ..
    hiihih salam kenal :)

  2. hidup totebag !! simple but nice :) salam kenal juga belinda, I adore you so much :)