Wednesday, March 23, 2011

little family :3

hallo she is my lovely cousin,  Shelomita Ayu Aisya :) she looks pretty cute, right ?

last week I went to my brother's house for sleep over to get some refreshing. you know, I'm so bored with my daily activity as 12 grades student. and I think i have to get a nap for a while. and I did it :) that was so interesting. live in small house in small village ( but that is not so far from downtown ) with little warm family :")
take care his little daughter  along the day, I really really enjoy it. may be I want to have my own baby hihihihihi someday :)

shelo and her cute crocodile pis-pot 

shelo is wearing nice purple dress

after I went to my brother's house, I realize that  family is the most precious thing in the world. nothing can replace it. and take care a baby, look they grow up, their smile, their laugh are the fuel of each parent in the world.

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